P.E.I. 4-H Rural Youth fair results

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Nine 4-H Prince Edward Island members and their cattle will travel to Toronto to compete at the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair. They earned their spot on the team by competing in the Royal Selection Class at the 4-H P.E.I. Rural Youth Fair in Alberton in September. The RWF Dairy Team are: (Back row, from left) David Sudsbury (ADL representative), Fred VanderKloet (Chaperone), Denis Arsenault, Kyle VanderKloet, Kyle Bouma, Connor Mann and Dalaney Welsh. (Front Row) Patti Douglas, Emily McKenna, Kathryn McCully and Arin Douglas. (Jackie Harlow photo)
Nine 4-H Prince Edward Island members and their cattle will travel to Toronto to compete at the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair. They earned their spot on the team by competing in the Royal Selection Class at the 4-H P.E.I. Rural Youth Fair in Alberton in September. The RWF Dairy Team are: (Back row, from left) David Sudsbury (ADL representative), Fred VanderKloet (Chaperone), Denis Arsenault, Kyle VanderKloet, Kyle Bouma, Connor Mann and Dalaney Welsh. (Front Row) Patti Douglas, Emily McKenna, Kathryn McCully and Arin Douglas. (Jackie Harlow photo)

The 4-H Prince Edward Island Rural Youth Fair was held in September in Alberton.


LIVESTOCK: DAIRY: Showmanship: Junior: 1. Katie Hughes, North River; 2. Porter Weeks, Pleasant Valley; 3. Spencer Toole, Wheatley River. Intermediate: 1. Jamie Hughes, North River; 2. Reagan Bouma, Pleasant Valley; 3. Malcolm MacDonald, North River. Senior: 1. Connor Mann, Pleasant Valley; 2. Kathryn McCully, Dunstaffnage-Marshfield; 3. Kyle Bouma, Pleasant Valley. Grand Champion: Connor Mann. Holstein Calves: Junior. 1. Malcolm MacDonald, North River; 2. Brayden Gallant, Evangeline; 3. Reagan Bouma. Intermediate: 1. Dalaney Welsh, Dunstaffnage-Marshfield; 2. Lilly Wood, North River; 3. Kristen Lidstone, Cavendish. Senior: 1. Patti Douglas, Morell & Area; 2. Kyle Bouma; 3. Porter Weeks. Summer Yearling: 1. Kyle Vanderkloet, Dunstaffnage-Marshfield; 2. Connor Mann; 3. Dominique Arsenault, Evangeline. Jr Yearling: 1. Denis Arsenault, Evangeline; 2. Arin Douglas, Morell & Area; 3. Maddie Stewart, Dunstaffnage-Marshfield. Ayrshire: 1. Jenny Mutlow, Morell & Area. Jersey: 1. Parker Mann, Pleasant Valley. Champion: Dalaney Welsh Reserve: Patti Douglas.

SHEEP: Showmanship: Jr. 1. Lilly Wood, North River; 2. Isabella Acorn, Grand River East. Sr. 1. Nellie Wood, North River; 2. Ila Matheson, Grand River East; 3. Genevieve Beaulac, Fort Augustus. Ewe Lamb: 1. Ila Matheson. Market Animal: 1. Nellie Wood; 2. Genevieve Beaulac; 3. Ila Matheson. Champion Jr. Lilly Wood Champion Sr. Nellie Wood. GOAT: Showmanship: 1. Olivia Drake, North River; 2. Nicole Drake, North River. Doeling: 1. Olivia Drake; 2. Nicole Drake. Champion: Olivia Drake. POULTRY: Showmanship: 1. Dustin Keefe, Summerville; 2. Jack Blaisdell, Summerville; 3. Locke Donovan, Summerville. Conformation: Bantams: 1. Locke Donovan; 2. Dustin Keefe; 3. Dustin Keefe. Waterfowl: 1. Dustin Keefe; 2. Jack Blaisdell. Pigeons: 1. Jack Blaisdel; 2. Dustin Keefe; 3. Jack Blaisdell. Champion: Dustin Keefe. TURKEY: Showmanship: 1. Lucca Gallant, Evangeline; 2. William Carter, Chepstow-Little Harbour; 3. Jack Gamble, Lot 16. (18 Lbs And Under): 1. Rae Matheson, Grand River East; 2. Tyler Dill, Chepstow-Little Harbour; 3. Lucca Gallant. (19-25 Lbs): 1. Jack Gamble.

RABBIT: Showmanship: Jr. 1. Lilly Wood; 2. Emma MacAulay, Fort Augustus; 3. Thomas Willoughby, North River. Int. 1. Rae Matheson, Grand River East; 2. Emma Willoughby, North River; 3. Hudson Welsh, Dunstaffnage-Marshfield. Sr. 1. Robert Larsen, Albany; 2. William Muirhead, Fort Augustus; 3. Brandon Malone, Morell & Area. Fancy/Meat: Jr. Doe: 1. Brandon Malone; 2. William Muirhead; 3. Emma Willoughby. Jr. Buck: 1. Mairen Kinch, Elmsdale; 2. Brandon Malone; 3. William Muirhead. Sr Doe: 1. Lilly Wood; 2. Brandon Malone; 3. Hudson Welsh. Sr. Buck: 1. Anna Doran, O’Leary; 2. William Muirhead; 3. Brandon Malone. Pet: Jr. Doe: 1. Molly Loane, Brooklyn-Heatherdale. Sr. Doe: 1. Robert Larsen; 2. Thomas Willoughby; 3. Emma MacAulay. Sr. Buck: 1. Thomas Willoughby; 2. Halia Moss, Dunstaffnage-Marshfield; 3. Dalaney Welsh. Champion: Robert Larsen

HORSE & PONY: Horse Showmanship: Preliminary: 1. Karlin Larter, North River; 2. Sydney Mazurek, North River. Int: 1. Anna Jesulaitis, Albany; 2. Nina Graebig, O’Leary. Equitation: Prelim: 1. Karlin Larter; 2. Sydney Mazurek. Int. 1. Anna Jesulaitis; 2. Nina Graebig. Pleasure: Prelim: 1. Karlin Larter; 2. Sydney Mazurek. Int/Advanced: 1. Anna Jesulaitis; 2. Nina Graebig. Walk/trot “Simon Says”: 1. Karlin Larter; 2. Sydney Mazurek. Command: Int/Adv: 1. Sydney Mazurek; 2. Anna Jesulaitis; 3. Nina Graebig. Champion: Karlin Larter.

Grand Champion Showmanship: Robert Larsen, Reserve: Lilly Wood.

Best Dressed: Toy: Rachel & Hannah Frizzell, Animal: Karlin Larter-Pirate Horse Costume


PLANTS: Gardening-Veggies: 1. Patrick Lauwerijssen, Albany. Champion: Patrick Lauwerijssen. Floriculture-Flower Arrangement: 1. Aine McGuire, Ellerslie; 2. Slaine McGuire, Ellerslie. Champion: Aine McGuire. Potato-3 of One Variety: 1. Liam Murnaghan, Fort Augustus. Champion:  Liam Murnaghan.

CRAFTS: Junior: Seasonal Decorations: 1. Aaleyah MacGillivray, Albany; 2. Claire Keough, Albany; 3. Janie Beaton, Freetown Harmony. Scrapbooking-One Page: 1. Anna Jesulaitis; 2. Sydney Muttart, Albany; 3. Taia Gallant, Evangeline. Senior:  Seasonal Decorations: 1. Brittany Peters, Albany; 2. Olivia Drake; 3. Hannah Larsen, Albany. Champion: Aaleyah MacGillivray.

NEEDLECRAFT: Junior: Easy Steps To Knit I-Dog: 1. Cassidy Warren, Albany; 2. Jenna Stewart, Albany; 3. Nikita Higginbotham, Summerville. II-Mittens: 1. Rachael Martens, Millview-Vernon River; 2. Lesley Evison, Dunstaffnage-Marshfield; 3. Becca Smith, Dunstaffnage-Marshfield. Other: 1. Chloe Toombs, Cavendish; 2. Tara Campbell, Millview-Vernon River. Senior: Crochet With Cotton-Doily: 1. Kestra Greer, Millview-Vernon River. Crochet Two-Mittens: 1. Sarah Furness, Millview-Vernon River. Easy Steps To Knit-Dog: 1. Abigail Munro, Millview-Vernon River. II-Mitts: 1. Zoie Farish, Millview-Vernon River; 2. Emma Prosper, Millview-Vernon River; 3. Lindsay Birt, Summerville. Champion: Kestra Greer.

SEWING: Junior: Great Beginnings-Apron: 1. Charleigh Corke, North River; 2. Grace Turner, Wheatley River; 3. Karlin Larter. Tote Bag: 1. Emma Thompson, North River. Boxers/Sleep Pant: 1. Brenna MacDonald, Chepstow-Little Harbour; 2. Julia Lea, Millview-Vernon River; 3. Laurel Wigmore, Pleasant Valley. Sew With Fleece I-Mitts/Hat: 1. Maggie Power, Millview-Vernon River; 2. Laurel Taweel, Millview-Vernon River; 3. Marguerite Desroche, Millview-Vernon River. II-Animal Pillow: 1. Janelle Quinn, Millview-Vernon River; 2. Hannah Waye, Wheatley River; 3. Kirsten Kouwenberg, Millview-Vernon River. Sew You Want To Sew-Silly Pillow: 1. Tara Campbell; 2. Ella Vannieuwenhuyzen, Millview-Vernon River; 3. Hannah Kouwenberg, Millview-Vernon River. Fashionably You-Dress: 1. Lesley Evison, Dunstaffnage-Marshfield. Quilting-Patchwork Item: 1. John Robert Beaton, Freetown Harmony; 2. Marissa McAvinn, Albany. Senior: Great Beginnings-Boxers/sleep Pant: 1. Selina Martens, Millview-Vernon River. Sew With Fleece II-Animal Pillow: 1. Maria Chisholm, North River; 2. Liese Manchester, Millview-Vernon River. Simple Sportswear-Skirt/shorts: 1. Laura Jane Simpson, Cavendish. Sewing Plus-Shirt/blouse: 1. Taylor MacBeath, Dunstaffnage-Marshfield; 2. Brianna MacDonald, Millview-Vernon River; 3. Abigail Munro, Millview-Vernon River. Quilting-Patchwork Item: 1. Brittany Peters, Albany. Champion: Maria Chisolm.

FOODS: Jr Foods & You: Year I (4 Cookies): 1. Chloe Loane, Brooklyn-Heatherdale; 2. Olivia Dumville, O’Leary; 3. Madison Quinn, Dunstaffnage-Marshfield. Dairy (4 Muffins): 1. Patrick Lauwerijssen, Albany; 2. Claire Keough, Albany. (Carrot Cake): 1. Jessica Larsen, Albany. Across Canada (Potato Cake): 1. Reagan Bouma, Pleasant Valley; 2. Abby Gallant, Cavendish. Senior: Dairy (4 Muffins): 1. Robert Larsen, Albany. Across Canada (Potato Cake): 1. Justin Larsen, Albany; 2. Johnathan Lauwerijssen, Albany; 3. Ruth Visser, Millview-Vernon River. Champion: Justin Larsen.

JR. SELF-DETERMINED: Woodworking (Other): 1. Andrew Gormley, Dunstaffnage-Marshfield; 2. Ryan McCardle, Dunstaffnage-Marshfield; 3. Hudson Welsh, Dunstaffnage-Marshfield. Needlework: 1. Janelle Quinn. Painting & Drawing: 1. Emma Thompson; 2. Keanah Arsenault, Evangeline; 3. Brooklin Richard, Evangeline. Others: 1. Katelyn Visser, Millview-Vernon River; 2. Samantha Pirch, Millview-Vernon River. Senior: Woodworking (Furniture): 1. Pieter Vanleeuwen, Pleasant Valley. Woodworking (Other): 1. Spencer Saunders, Fort Augustus. Needlework: 1. Carley MacLean, Millview-Vernon River; 2. Selina Martens. Photography: 1. Sara Gamble, Lot 16. Painting & Drawing: 1. Rachel Vanderkloet, Dunstaffnage-Marshfield; 2. Olivia Drake. Scrapbooking: 1. Hannah Larsen; 2. Ann Younker, Wheatley River. Clothing: 1. Robyn Smith, Dunstaffnage-Marshfield. Others: 1. Maddie Stewart; 2. Monique Visser, Millview-Vernon River; 3. Olivia MacPhail, North River. Champion: Katelyn Visser.

MISCELLANEOUS: Electricity-Electrical Gadget: 1. Ashton Winn, Albany; 2. Thomas Beaulac, Fort Augustus; 3. Sebastian Beaulac, Fort Augustus. Rocketry-One Rocket: 1. Thomas O’Brien, Millview-Vernon River; 2. Michael Naddy, Millview-Vernon River; 3. Darcy Pirch, Millview-Vernon River. Small Engines I & II-Display Engine: 1. Andrew MacGregor, Chepstow-Little Harbour; 1. Brent MacGregor, Chepstow-Little Harbour; 2. Patrick Lauwerijssen, Albany. Champion Industrial: Ashton Winn. Photography: (3 Pics In Frame): Jr. 1. Rosslyn Townshend, Chepstow-Little Harbour; 2. Thomas Craig, Dunstaffnage-Marshfield; 3. Thomas Willoughby. Sr. 1. Destiny Harper, Albany; 2. Marlee Gregory, Wheatley River; 3. Meg Sheridan, Millview-Vernon River. Champion: Rosslyn Townshend. Wildlife-Jr-Bird Feeder: 1. Grace Cierra, Lot 16; 2. Brooke MacIntyre, Lot 16; 3. Madelyn MacLaurin, Lot 16. Forestry-Sr-Woodlot Inventory: 1. Taylor Thompson, Dunstaffnage-Marshfield; 2. Jordan Dingwell, Dunstaffnage-Marshfield; 3. Michael Brazil, Dunstaffnage-Marshfield. Champion Outdoors:  Grace Cierra.

WOODWORKING: I-Gumball Machine: 1. Nicole Drake; 2. Conall Gibson, Wheatley River; 3. Colby Munro, Cavendish. II-Shelf: 1. Benjamin O’Brien, Millview-Vernon River; 2. Grace Hughes, North River; 3. Patrick Lauwerijssen, Albany. III-Stool: 1. Malcolm MacDonald, North River; 2. Brittany Peter; 3. Tyler Peters, Albany. Champion: Nicole Drake. Looking Good, Feeling Great-Display: 1. Genevieve Beaulac, Fort Augustus; 2. Danielle Proulx, Fort Augustus; 3. Rikki Delaney Gallant, Evangeline. Cake Decorating: I-6″ Cake: 1. Marianna Visser, Millview-Vernon River; 2. Emma Visser, Millview-Vernon River. II-6″ Cake: 1. Hailey Ferguson, Summerville; 2. Locke Donovan. Champion Misc. Project: Marianna Visser.

2016 RWF DAIRY TEAM: Arin Douglas and Patti Douglas of the Morell 4-H Club; Denis Arsenault of the Evangeline 4-H Club; Kyle Bouma and Connor Mann of the Pleasant Valley 4-H Club; Kyle VanderKloet, Kathryn McCully and Dalaney Welsh of the Dunstaffnage-Marshfield 4-H Club; and Emily McKenna of the North River 4-H Club.

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