New Brunswick celebrates a century of 4-H

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4-H has been in New Brunswick for a century. Members celebrated at their annual 4-H N.B. Provincial Show in Sussex this summer with a barn dance, great music, great pizza, and a 100th anniversary cake.

N.B. 4-H Council Executive Director Linda Porter said the organization has come a long way in the past 100 years. “We have developed from more than just the traditional agricultural-based program into… one of the leading positive youth development programs in New Brunswick and in Canada.”

The 4-H Provincial Show combined fun activities and competition but emphasized participation and learning. The Overall Champion Judge was Makayla Hunter of Kings County Beef. In Reserve was Sarah Lewis of Country Meadows. The Overall Showman Champion was Ashley Storey of Gentle Giants. In Reserve was Jesse Thorne of Kings County Beef.


JUDGING: Cloverbud, Tate Baxter, Country Meadows.

Beef: Cl. Tate Baxter, Junior: Kathryn Ashworth, Kings Co. Beef; Senior: Sarah Lewis, Country Meadows. Crafts: Cl. Ava McLeod, Farm Fresh, Jr. Marika Wesselius, Farm Fresh, Sr. Josie Versloot, Keswick Ridge. Dairy: Cl. Tate Baxter, Jr. Caitlin Riordon, Triple K, Sr. Jamie Booth, Farm Fresh. Foods: Cl. Ava McLeod, Jr. Anika O’Neill, Farm Fresh, Sr. Shanice Costain, Debec. Light Horse: Cl. Ava McLeod, Jr. Mackenzie Thorne, Kings Co. Beef, Sr. Carissa Geddes, Kings Co. Beef. Outdoor Living: Cl. Ava McLeod, Jr. Vanessa Harris, Countryside, Sr. Sarah Lewis. Poultry: Cl. Tate Baxter, Jr. Marika Wesselius, Sr. Makayla Hunter, Kings County Beef. Sheep: Cl. Charlie Sutton, Kings Co. Beef, Jr. Anika O’Neill, Sr. Makayla Hunter.

Overall Judging Champion: Jr. Anika O’Neill. Reserve: Quinn Baxter, Country Meadows, Sr. Makayla Hunter, Reserve, Sarah Lewis. Overall Champion, Makayla Hunter. Reserve: Sarah Lewis. Agribition judge: Sarah Lewis. Reserve: Jacob McAffee, River Valley.

Showman: Beef: Cl. Abigail Hunter, Countryside. A: Mackenzie Thorne, B: Carissa Geddes, C: Makayla Hunter, D: Mark Oulton, Chignecto. Champion: Makayla Hunter. Reserve: Katie Antworth, Countryside. Canine: Jr. Breanne Chambers, Napan, Sr. Erin Chambers, Napan. Champion: Darrah Chambers, Napan. Reserve: Erin Chambers. Dairy: Cl. Gordon Libby, Harvey, A: Zoe Constantine, Westmorland, B: Isaac Nason, Sussex Holsteins C: Raine Beckwith, Westmorland, D: Erin Metzler, Westmorland. Champion: Raine Beckwith. Reserve: Miranda Murphy, Keswick Ridge. Draft Horse: Cl. Wyatt Hayward, Harvey, Sr. Ashley Storey, Gentle Giants. Champion: Ashley Storey. Reserve: Michelle Perry, Gentle Giants. Goats: Jr. Trevor Dulenty, Chignecto. Champion: Trevor Dulenty. Reserve: Krista Dulenty, Chignecto.

Light Horse: Cl. Ava McLeod, Jr. Joseph Swan, Harvey, Sr. Brianna Forbes, St. Nicholas. Champion: Allison Harris, Harvey. Reserve: Braelee Folkins, Boots, Buckles & Bows. Poultry: Cl. Tate Baxter, Jr. Quinn Baxter, Sr. Jesse Thorne, Kings Co. Beef. Champion: Jesse Thorne. Reserve: Quinn Baxter. Rabbit: Cl. Cain Landry/Katie Carr, Chignecto, Jr. Breanne Chambers, Sr. Sara Hall, Chignecto. Champion: Sara Hall. Reserve: Ashley Storey. Sheep: Cl Charlie Sutton, Kings Co. Beef, Jr. Tyson Foulger, Kings Co. Beef, Sr. Jesse Thorne. Champion: Jesse Thorne. Reserve: Trevor Dulenty.

Overall Showman Champion: Ashley Storey. Reserve: Jesse Thorne.

Champion Animals: Beef: Angus: Kathryn Ashworth; Charolais: Dallas Hunter, Countryside; Crossbred: Carissa Geddes; Hereford: Gina Parkinson, River Valley; Limousin: Jesse Thorne; Shorthorn: Trevor Dulenty; Simmental: Noah Geddes, Kings Co. Beef; Bull Calf: Jacob McAffee; Beef Steer: Jacob McAffee. Champion: Carissa Geddes. Reserve: Gina Parkinson. Top Exhibitor: Krista Dulenty, Chignecto. Dairy Calves: Ayrshire: Jamie Booth; Holstein, Brooke Boonstoppel, Keswick Ridge; Jersey, Iain Anderson, Kings County Beef. Champion: Brooke Boonstoppel. Reserve: Raine Beckwith, Westmorland. Dairy Herd: Brooke Boonstoppel. Top Exhibitor: Isaac Nason. Champion Goat: Trevor Dulenty. Reserve: Krista Dulenty. Top Exhibitor: Trevor Dulenty. Draft Horse High Point Exhibitor: Darrah Chambers. Light Horse High Point Exhibitor: Lydia Folkins, Boots, Buckles & Bows. Champion Bird of Show: Tate Baxter. Reserve: Tate Baxter. Top Poultry Exhibitor: Jesse Thorne. Champion Rabbit: Shianne Simpson, Farm Fresh, Reserve Sara Hall, Chignecto. Top Exhibitor: Shianne Simpson. Champion Lamb: Jesse Thorne. Reserve: Tyson Foulger, Kings Co. Beef; Top Exhibitor: Jesse Thorne. Champion Canine Exhibitor: Darrah Chambers.

Top Article/Display: Decorated Cake, Cassidy Banks, River Valley; Cloverbud Display, Samantha Montgomery, Countryside; Craft Article, Anika O’Neill, Farm Fresh; Food Article, Clarissa Price, Bridging New Waters; Outdoor Living Display, Harry Taylor, Countryside; Photography Display, Mackenzie Taylor, Countryside; Scrap Booking Display, Patrina Caldwell, Bridging New Waters; Trash to Treasure Display, Napan 4-H Club; Gardening Display, Brady Banks, River Valley. Competitions: Speerville Blueberry Breakfast Muffins Competition: Jr. Hannah Versloot, Keswick Ridge; Decorated Cake: Jr. Amelia Taylor, Countryside; Sr. Alexandra Green, River Valley; 4-H Club Scrapbook, River Valley. Barn Exhibits: Beef, River Valley; Canine, Napan; Dairy, Kings County; Draft Horse, Gentle Giants; Goat, Chignecto; Light Horse, Harvey; Poultry, Country Meadows; Rabbit, Chignecto; Sheep, Chignecto. 100th Anniversary Record Book Competition: Non-Livestock/Life Skills: Cl. Kim Haarsman, Farm Fresh; Jr. Cassidy Banks; Sr. Lena Gallant, Chignecto. Livestock: Cl. Samantha Montgomery; Jr. Mackenzie Thorne; Sr. Ally McConchie, Triangle.

Dairy Members- Royal Winter Fair: Raine Beckwith, Brooke Boonstoppel, Lucas Boonstoppel, Keswick Ridge, Erin Metzler, Westmorland, Miranda Murphy, Isaac Nason, Mackenzie Shepard, Keswick Ridge, Josie Versloot, Keswick Ridge.

Beef Members-Royal Winter Fair: Katie Antworth, Kathryn Ashworth, Caitlin Brake, River Valley, Carissa Geddes, Noah Geddes, Gina Parkinson, Mark Oulton.

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