Government helping tree fruit growers in Nova Scotia

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OTTAWA – Agriculture Minister Lawrence MacAulay, treasury board president Scott Brison and Nova Scotia Agriculture Minister Keith Colwell have announced an AgriRecovery initiative to help Nova Scotia tree fruit growers recoup the cost of managing the fire blight outbreak.

The Fire Blight Initiative will provide up to $2.69 million to assist Nova Scotia’s tree fruit growers with an industry-led strategy to bring fire blight under control and minimize the potential for damage in the future.
Did you know?

–  Farm cash receipts in Nova Scotia for the tree fruit industry total close to $16 million a year.

–  Post-tropical storm Arthur caused significant damage to Nova Scotia apple and pear orchards in 2014, resulting in a province-wide outbreak of fire blight affecting 95 percent of orchards. Fire blight is a devastating disease that affects mainly apple and pear trees and that, if not properly managed, can cause significant damage and loss to tree fruit growers.

–  The Canada–Nova Scotia Fire Blight Initiative is funded under Growing Forward 2, the five-year framework agreement for agriculture, which is cost-shared 60-40 between the federal and provincial governments.

–  This initiative is being delivered under the AgriRecovery Framework, which allows governments to respond to unforeseen natural disasters that result in extraordinary costs for producers. Producers are encouraged to continue to make full use of existing business risk management programs—AgriInsurance, AgriStability and AgriInvest— designed to help them mitigate income and production losses due to disaster events.

– By Agriculture and AgriFood Canada

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