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New products and product news that will interest farmers and woodlot owners in the Atlantic region.

New Kuhn Krause DOMINATOR® 4855

The Kuhn Krause DOMINATOR established an industry standard for a primary tillage product, designed to reduce subsoil compaction, provide residue management and maintain a level field finish. In an effort to continually improve the product’s performance and meet or exceed customer expectations, the company has introduced the new DOMINATOR 4855.

With a focus on serviceability and productivity with minimal downtime, 2 ¾” diameter slip-in spindles and 8-bolt wheel hubs (rated at 10,000 pounds each) are used on all walking beam weldments. New 360/65R x 17.5 metrics are standard on the 4855-11 and 4855-13 (optional on the 4855-7 and 4855-9). This new tire size maintains flotation capabilities while increasing the weight capacity by 2,200 pounds per tire to improve transport reliability. Hardened bushings and heat-treated pins replace grease zerks and standard pivot pins in the parallel mount for the rear disc conditioner’s lower links, eliminating the need for daily grease maintenance.

A new angular contact bearing cartridge has been incorporated into each rear disc conditioner blade assembly. The new bearing utilizes a heavy-duty, multi-lip (5) bearing seal and a machined hub spindle. A skid wear guard adds extra protection to the new machined cast bearing housing. Each disc conditioner blade is secured to the hub spindle and bearing assembly with a 5-bolt blade pattern, which will make changing blades quick and simple. The 24/7® Soil Conditioning Reel option will consist of a new heavy-duty round bar reel with maintenance-free bearing assemblies (no daily grease required) mounted on heavy-duty ductile cast bearing arms.

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SU Canola™ Herbicide Tolerant system offers an alternative to use in crop rotations

Cibus Global, a leader in non-transgenic trait development, and Rotam, a fast growing international company in the crop protection industry, has launched of non-transgenic SU Canola™ (Sulfonylurea Tolerant) in the United States. Rotam has developed two new effective weed control solutions specifically designed for use on SU Canola™.

Dave Voss, Vice President, Commercial Development at Cibus, said, “SU Canola offers farmers a new alternative for weed control in canola that will provide sound stewardship options to deal with the management of glyphosate weed resistance. SU Canola is an optimal fit for rotation with glyphosate tolerant soybeans reducing weed pressure caused by volunteer glyphosate tolerant canola in soybean fields. Farmers can anticipate a product that has been developed to include exceptional broadleaf weed control, excellent crop safety, in an economical and easy-to-use package. Additionally, many participants in the canola industry including processors, farmers, and end use food consumers, will benefit from SU Canola as the oil and meal derived from this canola will address the growing demand for non-transgenic food ingredients.”

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AgriBrink’s award-winning tire inflation-deflation technology

“We were able to get the air out of the tires in 30 seconds,” says Jake Kraayenbrink. Their Automatic Air Inflation-Deflation Control system lets a farmer automatically inflate or deflate their tires from the comfort of their tractor seat. Capable of increasing the surface footprint up to 60% in the field, the system reduces soil compaction, improves fuel efficiency and can be applied to manure spreaders, self-propelled sprayers, large square balers, grain buggies and other implements.

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Weld-On Euro/Global bracket kit and plate

Worksaver, Inc. now offers two new products to allow non-Euro/Global attachments to be used with tractor loaders that utilize Euro/Global tool carriers.  A weld-on kit is now available which consists of individual left and right hand brackets to be welded to an attachment.  A weld-on heavy duty plate of 5/16” steel is also offered, which incorporates the hooks for applications requiring a solid surface.

Worksaver, Inc. is a manufacturer of agricultural, industrial, commercial and construction equipment for a variety of applications for property owners, farmers, ranchers, contractors and many others.  A variety of equipment is able to fit skid steers and front loaders and tractors.

For more information, contact Worksaver, Inc., P.O. Box 100, Litchfield, IL 62056-0100.  Phone: 217-324-5973, Fax: 217-234-3356.  Website:

MIone Multi-box Automated Milking System

The MIone Multi-box Automated Milking System from GEA Farm Technologies is continuing to bring dairy producers no-compromise robotic milking solutions by equipping the robot with even more technical developments, including a brand new MilkRack with features such as:

• Sleek, enclosed construction – keeps valuable milking components cleaner and protects equipment against cow kicks. The hood is made of a highly durable composite material that is extremely robust yet lightweight.

• Flexible teat cup arm – new, double-segmented teat cup arms are put in a “tightened” position for a precise, accurate attachment, and then “relaxed” so that they can easily give-way if they are kicked, preventing any components from being bent. The flexible design also helps to prevent the teat cup from dropping to the ground, improving overall milking hygiene.

• Perfectly weighted stainless steel teat cups – hang freely and comfortably under the udder for optimal weight distribution and an optimal milk-out.

• Convenient hose management – the hose connections are both well protected and easily accessible at the same time.

• Easier liner changes; more liner options – replace liners quickly on the new MilkRack and now choose from a larger selection of rubber or silicone liner options to meet your herd’s milking and teat characteristics.

With the MIone, all udder prep procedures take place in one single, consistent process: attachment, stimulation, cleaning, fore-stripping and milk harvest are all done in-liner; up to the individual removal of each quarter based on individual flow rates. This is unique to MIone systems. Plus, teat cups are backflushed with a sanitizing solution between each cow to reduce the spread of contagious mastitis. Dairy producers can also take advantage of a central milking station with the MIone multi-box configuration, requiring just one vacuum system, one computer system, and one wash system.

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BASF registers ODYSSEY® ULTRA herbicide tank mix for Canadian pulse growers

In early December, BASF announced the launch of ODYSSEY® ULTRA herbicide for the 2015 growing season. The herbicide is the newest addition to the company’s pulse portfolio and is registered for use on Clearfield® lentils, Clearfield canola, field peas and soybeans.

“ODYSSEY ULTRA is a multiple mode of action herbicide with flushing weed control on grass and broadleaf weed species,” said Danielle Eastman, Western Herbicide Brand Manager at BASF Canada. “It offers control of tough weeds including wild oats and volunteer cereals. Japanese brome grass has been submitted to the Pest Management Regulatory Agency for a label expansion.”

ODYSSEY ULTRA combines the early-season and flushing broadleaf weed control of ODYSSEY with the proven, premium grassy weed control of POAST® ULTRA. ODYSSEY ULTRA provides control of key grassy weeds with an extended application window.

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Innovative Remote Over Center PTO introduced

For nearly a century, Twin Disc has been the industry leader in power take-offs. Adding to its arsenal of rugged-duty products, the company introduces its RO 111/211 “Remote Over Center” PTO. This groundbreaking unit leverages a patent-pending design to remotely engage the over-center mechanism in the time-proven, best-selling Twin Disc SP 111/211 PTO.

When complex machinery configurations or location hinder easy access to activation, the RO 111/211 can be engaged and disengaged remotely via a control valve and/or electronic control. Hydraulic or pneumatic actuation is achieved through ports, making access to the fittings uncomplicated and straight-forward.

Hydraulic or pneumatic pressure is required only to engage or disengage the PTO, the fluid or air supply can be shut off when not needed. Without the constant hydraulic or pneumatic flow of other designs, the unit is far more efficient and cost-effective than that of its competition.

The RO 111/211 is dimensionally identical to Twin Disc’s current mechanical SP 111/211 and continues to utilize one 11″ friction plate in the 111 and two plates in the 211. Existing SPs may be field converted to an RO using kits available from the company.

The advanced design of the PTO allows for side load and inline applications. External cooling, filtration or a rotary union are not needed.

Built strong to last, the RO 111/211 excels in a wide range of industrial applications including agriculture, construction, manufacturing, marine, mining, timber, and oil and gas production.

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New Intake™ Adjuvant for Liquid Achieve™

Intake™ Adjuvant is the new surfactant for use with Liquid Achieve herbicide for reliable grass weed control in barley and wheat.

Intake is a unique adjuvant blend that offers superior performance – enabling greater than 95% wild oat control rating for Liquid Achieve.  It also helps ensure herbicide efficacy, crop safety and tank mix ability. The change in surfactants from Turbocharge® to Intake Adjuvant also provides a more secure supply and comes after thorough performance and crop safety testing.

“Intake Adjuvant is proven technology that has been widely used in other countries,” says Dustin Leskosky, Dow AgroSciences product manager.  “Liquid Achieve is a well-known and trusted herbicide, wheat and barley growers won’t find a better value grassy weed herbicide than Liquid Achieve with new Intake adjuvant.”

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Lasting bond formed with permanent shrink wrap tape

While shrink wrap is highly adaptable in conforming to the oddest of shapes, at times an installer needs to permanently fuse together two or more sections of material. Dr. Shrink’s Permanent Shrink Wrap Tape powerfully secures multiple shrink-wrapped pieces to adapt to a unique application, reinforce a seam or even patch a hole. It excels at bonding pleats and folds to avoid wind damage during long-term storage or transport.

With 2 mils of powerful, proprietary acrylic adhesive, Permanent Shrink Wrap Tape offers extraordinarily high adhesion power. The bond is so strong, in fact, that Dr. Shrink warns users to avoid contact with anything other than shrink wrap. It’s applied after the shrink wrap has been heated and shrunk, and is easily cut using Dr. Shrink’s Wrap n’ Strap Knife. The white tape is available in 4″ x 180′ rolls and retails for $36.90.

Dr. Shrink, Inc. is a full-service, full-circle retail and wholesale supplier of premium shrink wrap, installation tools and supplies.

With shrink wrap immediately available in widths from 12′-60′, Dr. Shrink also offers a full line of strapping, zipper access doors and venting.

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Kubota Canada has 2 new additions to its wheel loader line-up

Late last year Kubota Canada Ltd., announced it would be adding two new models to its compact wheel loader lineup. The new R530 and R630 have been designed emphasizing comfort and efficiency and will be equipped with powerful Kubota diesel engines and advanced features.

All new inside and out, the 2 new models will feature a choice of a 4-post ROPS/FOPS canopy or deluxe factory cab with air conditioning. The new factory cab will feature low noise levels and high visibility along with fresh and modern styling and a lower cab height. The ergonomic interior layout will be packed with standard features including suspension seat, tilt steering, exterior mirrors, lights, and digital display.

The R530 will feature a Kubota 51 H.P. Tier 4 final diesel engine using a common rail system (CRS) and diesel particulate filter (DPF) coupled to its tried and true hydrostatic transmission (HST). A 64.4 H.P. version of the engine will power the R630 but it will use an advanced electronic hydrostatic transmission (E-HST) offering 4 different operating modes which will allow the operator to choose the most suitable mode depending on the machine application.

The R30 series loaders will showcase Kubota’s new hybrid link system which blends the best features of parallel linkage and Z-bar systems and will allow operators to lift fully loaded pallets up and down while keeping the loads level and at the same time, giving full breakout force when in bucket mode. A choice of either skid steer or euro type hydraulic coupler will be available on both models with bucket sizes starting at .85 cu.yd for the R530 and 1.0 cu.yd for the R630

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Canterra Seeds launches revolutionary clubroot resistant canola

In January Canterra Seeds President and CEO David Hansen announced that the Winnipeg-based seed company will be launching the first canola hybrid with any level of resistance to the new 5X clubroot pathotype. CS20001. It will have the most comprehensive clubroot resistance available on the market, and will be available to growers for 2015 planting.

CS2000 is the newest addition to the Canterra Seeds canola portfolio and brings innovation in clubroot resistance together with overall top-of-class performance never before seen in Western Canada.

CS2000, recently acquired by Canterra Seeds from their canola breeding partner DL Seeds, has already undergone years of in-field and lab testing. Official clubroot testing by Dr. Strelkov of the University of Alberta, confirmed the hybrid has resistance to existing clubroot pathotypes 2,3,5,6 and 8 and intermediate reaction to the newest 5X pathotype, which was first discovered in a field north of Edmonton, AB in 2013. CS2000 is currently the only registered canola hybrid to show tolerance to this pathotype.

TeeJet launches RX520 high-precision GNSS Receiver

The RX520 dual frequency GNSS receiver from TeeJet Technologies brings reliable, upgradable accuracy and performance to precision farming applications. It features an integrated L1/L2 GPS+GLONASS receiver and antenna in a single compact enclosure. Integral magnetic mounting allows for a clean, low-profile installation.

All RX520 receivers include ClearPath technology that ensures smooth, consistent position data even if brief signal losses occur. The standard L1/L2 SBAS receiver offers +/- 5-8 in pass-to-pass accuracy for a wide variety of field operations.  Optional Precise Point Positioning (PPP) provides improved, +/- 2-4 in pass-to-pass, accuracy and year to year repeatability making it ideal for strip-till and other high precision operations. PPP accuracy is delivered via TerraStar subscription signal and is offered in 1-, 3-, 6- and 12-month packages.

“This is a very versatile receiver that is compatible with TeeJet and many third-party guidance and auto steer products,” notes company Global Marketing Manager Tim Stuenkel. “Another great feature is the ability to pay for only the accuracy you need today, with the flexibility to upgrade to higher performance down the road as your needs change.”

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New from John Deere

John Deere has a number of new products available including:

• Premium Round Balers that are now B-Wrap Ready

• A R4023 (600 gal.) Self-Propelled Sprayer

• Three small-frame (110-130 hp) 6R Series Tractor models

• New app site available on iTunes™ to view and download its apps

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